AISR throughout its existence has contributed significantly to
private and public organizations not only to improve their
efficiency but also to create value for its stakeholders.

Below are some highlights.

Sales Portfolio Optimization

Solution for planning and optimization of sales portfolio for commodities market, especially iron ore, in order to maximize the profit and minimize the risk considering products, customers, contracts, economic scenarios, production, business strategy, expansion projects, logistics constraints positioning, among other factors.

Planning and Allocation of Human Resources

Decision support solutions that allow the allocation planning and optimization of employees of an organization under various criteria, and manage the existing human capital, especially in relation to skills.

Decision Support for Investment in the Stock Exchange

Software for real-time and end of day (EOD) analysis of assets to support the definition and implementation of investment strategies in order to maximize the return on investments in the financial market.

Bank Branch Network Reconfiguration

System conceptualization to branch network reconfiguration in order to identify possible locations for new branches, to analyze and to define the best product mix for each branch and to identify branches that are interfering in the network performance.

Territorial Occupation Analysis

Solutions to analysis territorial occupation related to different perspectives including analysis of population density, mobility and real estate valuation.

Analytical Management Public Policies

Analytical solutions to manage public policies for social programs and socio-territorial analysis that have more than 100,000 households and more than 0.5 million people monitored in various programs, primarily related to transfer of income and improvement of quality of life.

Urban Traffic Management

System conceptualization for urban traffic management in order to reduce the traffic in the city center and to inform public transport users about the existing mobility conditions in the city in real-time.