We create solutions that optimize processes and how decisions are made
in organizations through the application of technologies that transform
how information is used and analyzed.

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We act as partners of our clients to obtain the most value through the
incorporation of a management model and decision-making based on analytical
skills and technologies, leveraging their core competencies and preserving
the strengths of their culture and human capital.


Smart Organizations leverage the potential of people and data,
analyze the past, work optimally at present, analyze future scenarios,
ask questions and get answers to complex problems, evaluate different
perspectives and the best time for action.

How the organization will expand and apply their knowledge in the short, medium and long term?   The organization understands the environment in which it operates and to where it is moving?   The organization has an effective and comprehensive innovation policy?   The decision-making processes existing in the organization are explicit and make systematic use of analytical models?
- Knowledge Management
- Innovation Management
- Integrated Big Data Management
  - Scenarios Simulation
- Risk Management
- Analytics for Strategy
- GeoAnalytics / GeoMarketing
- Integrated Big Data Management
  - Innovation Management
- Knowledge Management
- Scenarios Simulation
- Integrated Big Data Management
  - Analytics for Strategy
- Transactions and Restructuring Analysis
- Risk Management
- Process Optimization
- Specific Analytical Studies


01/15/2015 - The AISR social responsibility initiative "Making Smart Cities" has been selected to be presented at the 3rd. UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.   06/17/2015 - AISR has become associated of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil.   06/26/2015 - AISR joined the other 98 member companies of the Working Group of Private Sector Partnership (PSP) to support the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) on its activities.


The companies listed below are subsidiaries of AISR and
have all our operational and technology support.

Focused on the application of analytical technologies in the study of market environment in order to analyze the environment in which the organization operates and the most relevant scenarios in different scales (e.g.: global, national, regional) and in various time horizons.
  Focused on the application of analytical technologies in chemistry in order to boost the development of new products, formulations and applications candidates, and to develop decision support solutions for production and laboratory activities.
  Focused on the application of analytical technologies in genetics in order to boost the discovery and optimization of new drug candidates, and to develop decision support solutions for the clinical area based on the entire human genome.


The AISR social responsibility initiative "Making Smart Cities" aims
to improve the resilience of cities and the quality of life of the population.

Support: UN - UNISDR

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