Our products are used by private and public organizations
to improve not only efficiency but also the creation of
value for its stakeholders.

Analytics for Strategy   Context Analysis

Evaluate and define strategies, through extensive use of analytical models for organizations, departments, products, changes, negotiations, among others. As well as making them more transparent, to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, and measure the related impacts, gains, risks and opportunities.

It is also important to note that these analyzes enable the preparation of action plans that best fit to the business processes and to the organizational context.

It aims to improve the organization's performance by helping you choose the best path through the knowledge of national and international context with the wide use of analytics.

Bring this strategic thinking into the reality of the organization in a practical and viable way to implement changes is critical, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Process Optimization   Risk Management

Optimize business processes and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of management by applying analytics without losing the strength of the organization's identity and culture.

It also contributes to obtain a consistent view in real-time the of organization's reality, to guide decisions and actions by analytical management, to reduce risks and costs, to leverage the sales potential and new opportunities, to increase the ability to adapt to change, to improve service quality / level of customer service, among others.

Identify, understand, assess, manage and mitigate organizational risks in order to ensure business continuity and to promote an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

It is important to note that issues related to governance, compliance and crisis management are also addressed through the design and implementation of specific programs.

Transactions and Restructuring Analysis   Scenarios Simulation

Evaluate and measure the impacts, gains, risks and opportunities of transactions and restructuring processes through the extensive use of analytical models. In addition to making operations more transparent and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

It is also important to note that these analyzes enable the preparation of action plans that best fit to the business processes and to the organizational context.

Modeling, simulation and analysis of scenarios related to the organization in order to understand and study likely outcomes of decisions, actions, processes, strategies and economic changes in the markets in which they operate, without the cost and the risk of the modification of existing operations or of making complex decisions, providing valuable insights.

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GeoAnalytics / GeoMarketing   Integrated Big Data Management

The incorporation of the location dimension allows the integration of different layers of information and provides a substantial gain in the understanding of events, processes and behaviors. Not limited to the possibility of using cartographic language in the presentation of data, this gain incorporates the context of the analysis.

Enables to process, analyze (including extract data, facts and concepts), classify, organize and provide this vast amount of content to any person or system related to the organization, also enables the integration and the improvement of processes.

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Analytics for Innovation Management   Knowledge Management

Innovation is not the result of a flash of genius, but of a culture and of a work process focused on continuous improvement systematically applied in all aspects of the organization in daily life.

The AISR consulting services in innovation management aim to develop and implement together with the organization an innovation strategy with goals and objectives in order to achieve continuous innovation in products, services, processes and business models to support constant improvement in organizational performance and a steady growth of the business.

The AISR consulting services in knowledge management aim to map, monitor, plan the development and the use of knowledge in context to enable the organization to innovate, make better decisions, prepare for the future, sustain competitive advantages and generate new opportunities.

How the organization will expand and apply their knowledge in the short, medium and long term?

Specific Analytical Studies    

Os estudos analíticos específicos desenvolvidos pela AISR são totalmente customizados com o objetivo de abordar as questões críticas e as necessidades específicas de cada negócio a fim de gerar vantagem competitiva e resultados que beneficiam toda a organização.