Our products are used by private and public organizations
to improve not only efficiency but also the creation of
value for its stakeholders.

GeoAnalytics / GeoMarketing

The incorporation of the location dimension allows the integration of different layers of information and provides a substantial gain in the understanding of events, processes and behaviors. Not limited to the possibility of using cartographic language in the presentation of data, this gain incorporates the context of the analysis.

Data Availability - collection, processing and consolidation of data from multiple sources (including field research) and in various formats for viewing, monitoring and carrying out accurate analysis.

Visualization - information visualization and analysis through georeferenced layers of maps to provide a more efficient and effective interpretation.

Monitoring - real-time monitoring of events, information or georeferenced data presented on maps.

Image Processing - processing of aerial and satellite images for information extraction.

Analysis - execution of various types of analysis including predictive analysis, simulation and optimization.

Some Applications

analysis, optimization and monitoring of routes - The movement of goods and service providers is strategic in different areas of activity. Our software helps to understand the possible itineraries and obtain the best alternatives to optimize the teams and fleets on the field, and allow real-time monitoring and rapid responses to resettlement needs and prioritizing calls.

credit and economic potential analysis - Through the geocoding of customers data, our solutions allow the analysis of socio demographic characteristics of their locations and guarantee a contextual reference information for validation processes and for inference of potentials and risks.

analysis of real estate - The location of a property, its proximity to transportation services and other urban amenities, and to other releases influence their valuation. Our products allow incorporate this dimension, through spatially sensitive statistical models, in the analysis of potential of investment and of the real estate assessment in order to obtain lower risks.

optimization of store locations and sales outlets - The decision to implement an investment in a given location depends on an analysis of the socio economic composition of the surrounding population, ease of access, and also the provision of competing services on site. Our softwares help to find the most likely locations to succeed with your business.

analysis of market behavior in a certain place - Organizations benefit by establishing strategies and acceding marketing campaigns to local realities. Our softwares allow the development of an analytical integrated environment able to present the trends for future scenarios according to the different locations.

analysis and monitoring of the application of environmental and sustainability policies - The success of many businesses depends on the ability to ensure a satisfactory level of transparency and monitoring of the impacts of their activities on the territory and its people. Our softwares provide a unified georeferenced environment for continuous collection, analysis and dissemination of information, representing an innovative solution in the management of this information.

analysis of georeferenced images - Every day increases the supply of images obtained by orbital and airborne platforms. That images are able to cover large areas and allow the monitoring of changes in land caused by enterprises. Our softwares enable to translate those images into quantitative and qualitative data that help the planning and management of these enterprises.

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