Our products are used by private and public organizations
to improve not only efficiency but also the creation of
value for its stakeholders.

Scenarios Simulation

The AISR scenarios simulation services enable organizations to understand and study likely outcomes of decisions, actions, processes, strategies and economic changes in the markets where they operate, without the cost and the risk of modification of existing operations or to make complex decisions, providing valuable insights for the organization.

In addition to enabling the exploration of models representing various levels of detail.


• Maximize operational efficiency through better use of resources.

• Find solutions to complex challenges, exploring multiple alternatives simultaneously.

• Study business processes in detail to identify critical paths and bottlenecks,
  and to identify improvement opportunities.

• Explore new policies, operating procedures, decision rules, organizational
  structures and information flows without modification of these operations.

• Increase efficiency by optimizing processes and support decision making.

• Improve the understanding of decisions, actions, processes, scenarios and strategies.

• Use simulations to support and/or to justify decisions.

• Understand and communicate a vision through dynamic demonstration of ideas.

• Explore "what if" questions. Theoretical future events can be studied and compared with
  statistical accuracy.